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Developed to perfectly integrate with Roland DG dye-sublimation technologies, Ergosoft Roland DG Edition combines intuitive image editing and print output tools with extensive color management and enhanced workflow features — enabling users to take on multiple print jobs in minimum time and with maximum results.

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Existing users of Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 1 or 2 can update to Roland DG Edition 3 by contacting and buying from their Roland DG dealer. Once purchased, simply follow the process displayed in the Installation & Setup section to activate your license.

For a short guide about how to copy your settings from Edition 2 to Edition 3, please download this document.

Feature Overview

Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 3
JobComposer Enhanced
Image Add-Ons & Image Editing Tools
Print Environment Features
Repeat Print (Copy without Gap)
Shrinkage Feature
Tiling & Rectangular Nesting
Variable Data Basic
Position Templates
Color Replacement Suite Enhanced
Density Linearisation & Ink Limiting Enhanced
ColorEqualizer New / SwatchMatcher New
Colorbooks Enhanced
White & Special Channel (for other technologies)
QueueManager New
Preset Suite New
HotFolder Enhanced
Job Preflight Enhanced
Job Ticket
Quality Control Basic
Number of active Ergosoft RipEngine 8
PostScript® / PDF® Engine
CostManager New
AccessRights Control
JobProcessing Policies Enhanced
Included Queues Texart XT-640
Texart RT-640
Included Cutters 1x Level I Cutter
Add Queue for additional Roland DG Printer or Cutter Option
Options & Others
Step & Repeat
ColorGPS Profiler Option
ColorGPS Profile Editor Option
TrueShape Nesting Option
ColorCombine Option
Background Color Removal Option